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I’ve got a Golden Ticket…

In 2009 Phillip Schofield (@schofe) invited me to the ‘Dancing on Ice’ Final. Alright, if we’re being *technical* about it, I won the tickets in a competition he ran via Twitter…but he did ask me to write a review afterwards…so I did…and he put it on his website:’s competition winner Amanda shares her fantastic account of the Dancing On Ice Final!

So, it seems the question on everyone’s lips has been “Was the Dancing on Ice Final as good as you expected it to be”? My honest answer would have to be “Actually, no…it was better”! It completely surpassed any expectations and I can honestly say I had one of the most amazing and magical nights of my life!

With the final falling on Mother’s Day, who else was I going to take with me but my Mum?

The anticipation of what excitement lay ahead started from the minute we stepped through the door and were able to reply ‘Phillip Schofield’, when asked whose guests we were. Looking around and recognising the partners and families of the skating celebrities seemed both surreal and thrilling, in equal measures!

Walking into the studio and seeing the skating arena that we’d previously only seen on a screen at home and knowing what lay ahead for us to view, actually in the flesh, was an incredible sensation.

Whilst to me the studio actually seemed smaller than it appears on television, there was certainly nothing small about the electric atmosphere already generating throughout. I would picture this to be the case every week, but imagine we were witnessing a heightened sensation, with it being the final!

Sitting amongst the friends and family of both the skaters and the presenters and revelling in the excited tone reverberating around us was so pleasurable that we nearly forgot that the show hadn’t even started yet!

Witnessing Torvill and Dean performing Bolero live is an experience never to be forgotten. To be a spectator to a performance so mesmerising and breathtaking was a pleasure beyond belief! Even more so as this year is the 25th anniversary of this routine winning them gold medals at the Olympics. This really was a once in a lifetime moment!

The whole show was utterly enthralling and watching each of the three finalists skating their hearts out, each trying to win the coveted trophy, was simply astounding. However, it was actually being in the heart of the varying emotions flowing through the studio that made the evening something to be remembered for many years to come.

Also, the finer details that you obviously wouldn’t come close to experiencing when watching at home truly were what made it such a momentous occasion. Being close enough to hear a lump of ice being dislodged with the blade of a boot, being able to feel the heat from the flames in the pyrotechnic displays and seeing Robin Cousins having his nose powdered are memories to savour on a par with actually watching the skaters perform!

It was also so wonderful to see the camaraderie between the finalists when the cameras weren’t on them. Some cynics may say that the congratulatory hugs and kisses are just for the cameras, but witnessing the obvious affection between them when the cameras weren’t rolling was truly gloriously refreshing to see.

When the show finished, there was an instantaneous feeling of coming back down to earth with a rather large bump. However, being taken backstage en route to Phillip Schofield’s dressing room was a remarkable event in itself too.

Being mere feet away from interviews taking place with the champion himself, and the more than worthy runner up, whilst both the celebrities and the professional skaters intermingled between us really meant we had to pinch ourselves to make sure this wasn’t just a dream!

The mounting exhilaration whilst waking past the dressing room doors emblazoned with the names of the stars was almost too much to cope with and on encountering judge Ruthie Henshall and her comment of “Stunning hair. Wow!” towards me, it was remarkable that my legs were still holding me in the upright position they’re meant to!

Whilst the whole evening had been an event that will become a deeply treasured memory, the pièce de résistance was not only meeting the man who I’ve been a fan of since his Broom Cupboard days, but experiencing first hand that Phillip Schofield IS actually as equally amiable and charming as he comes across on screen!

So, with my Donal MacIntyre ‘Head on a stick’…given to me by one of Donal’s supporters and signed by both Phillip and Donal himself…grasped firmly in my hand and the kisses from Phillip burning on my cheeks, myself and my Mum headed home on cloud nine!

Now with the buzz from the entire scintillating evening still engulfing me, the only thing I’m pondering over now is how in the world am I going to get tickets for the final next year?!

So, from myself and mum a HUGE thank you to Phillip for being so generous in giving away his own personal tickets to such a spectacular event…and to Twitter, without which I wouldn’t have known about the competition!

Thank You!



If, for some inane reason, you want to see embarrassing video footage of me gabbling like a loon to the Silver Fox himself, then you can do so by visiting here:



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